Agar Swallow

Zanzibar President Visits Agar Swallow Factory

President of Zanzibar, H.E. DR. Ali Mohammed Shein and a Zanzibar government delegation visited the Indonesian Agar Swallow factory.

This visit was conducted to see the processing of seaweed into jelly (agar-agar) and to explore the possibility of cooperation in processing seaweed in Zanzibar.

President Ali Mohammed Zein said he was impressed by the processing of seaweed at the Agar Swallow factory and said that this visit was very important to develop the seaweed processing industry in Zanzibar.

“The seaweed industry absorbs a lot of labor, really helps seaweed farmers and can increase Zanzibar’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” explained the Zanzibar trade and industry minister who was part of the Zanzibar President’s delegation.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT. Agar Swallow Hendrico Soewardjono welcomed the visit of President Zanzibar and hoped that there would be a follow-up to this visit.

“We are ready to help the Zanzibar government to develop a seaweed industry that can support the diversification of healthy food products in Zanzibar,” said Hendrico.

The visit of the President of Zanzibar and his delegation which was held on Sunday, August 5, lasted three hours, starting with seeing the processing of seaweed and ending with a friendly meeting..

Participating with the President’s delegation of Zanzibar were the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of State and the Head of the Zanzibar Presidential Office.