Agar Swallow

Food Application

Blended Carrageenan Application

Blended Agar Applications

Blended Carrageenan Application

Meat and Ham

  • Improves Sliceability
  • Impeoves Appearance and Texture
  • Increase Yield



  • Binder, Bodying
  • Foam Stabilization



  • Improves Elasticity


Milk Pudding (flans)

  • Prevent Syneresis
  • Improves Sliceability
  • Improves Texture and Gives Elasticity


  • Enhances Worth and Beer Clarity
  • Increase Ethanol Yield & Cost Effective


Ice Cream

  • Reduce Ice Crystal Formation
  • Give Excellent Body, Smooth and Fine Texture



  • Improved Water
  • Holding Capacity and
  • Gel Strength
  • Moisture Retention


Chocolate Milk

  • Suspends Cocoa
  • Adds Viscosity
  • Contributes Body and Mouth Fee

Blended Agar Applications


  • Act as Coagulator
  • Thickening Agent
  • Emulsifier and Stabilizer


Dairy Products

  • Cost-Effective Stabilizer
  • Water Retention
  • Can be Mixed With Other Colloids to Improve Their Final Texture

Jam and Bakery

  • Thickening Agent in Low Calories
  • Can Form Gel That Can Adhere Effectively to Scrap Meat Marmalade


Meat and Ham

  • Thickening and Gelling Agent
  • Gelation Agent in Doughnuts
  • Substitution of Pectin to Decrease Sugar Level